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This past weekend the Waggle staff took a road trip to Morgantown, WV for the WVU/MD football game.

[ Note: Lefty and Bogeyman are both West Virginia University alumni.]

On the drive up Friday we decided to squeeze in a round at one of our favorite courses, Whitetail in Mercersburg, PA   (Look for a review here soon).

During the round we decided to have a long drive contest on #11, a drivable downhill par 4, for a $1 a man.

So here is the situation…

Lefty hit a solid drive down the middle of the fairway.

The I hit one further than Lefty, slightly left but still in the fairway.

Finally Righty aka Notorious H.B.G. (our new Harrisburg correspondent and guess who’s brother) blasts his drive further than both of us but it is not in the fairway.

So who won the $1?

Lefty and myself agreed that the ball must be in the fairway to win a long drive contest.  While Righty argued that is was never declared so it didn’t have to be.

This point was debated ad nauseum during the ride to Morgantown and during the weekend at various watering holes throughout Morgantown.

So what do you think it should be?  Does it need to be declared that it must be in the fairway or is it that by default?

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  1. Okay… I’ve had plenty of long drive competitions. I’m sorry Righty, but I’ve been bumped out of competitions by guys who hit drives of 360 yards… even though my drive was 380+ yards but out of the grid… in your case, the grid was the fairway. I’ve never heard of a long drive competition where a ball outside of the fairway counted. Sorry, bro…

    Tom Garber
    3 Time RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship Finalist

  2. Sorry Righty…you’ve got long drive folks dropping some info into the mix regarding how long drives are actually measured…the ad nauseum debate wasn’t really necessary after all…like my man, Mr. Garber says, sorry bro! 🙂

  3. Ah – but one crucial fact was left out of the story – and that was that the drive in question was actually longer than the fairway. This was not a case of the ball landing outside of the fairway but BEYOND the fairway. This drive was soo long that there was not enough fairway to contain it. Like it really dropped some change on the two shorty’s I was playing with – but I digress.
    Anyway, now you know the rest of the story.

  4. Unfortunately, the fairway did not end but curved around into the green…you big drive unfortunatly did not follow the curvature of the fairway and thus you were dq’ed from the competition…although sometimes it’s much nicer dropping some change on those others in the fairway. Nonetheless, it’s all good!

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