Maryland National Mini-Tourney Report…

We managed to get out on a beautiful Sunday afternoon at Maryland National in Middletown, MD for yet another of Waggle’s soon-to-be-famous mini tourneys. Or maybe they ARE already famous?

In any event, once again we had a great group of lucky people that were quick enough to sign up for this event before it sold out and had the opportunity to play a spectacular course at a great rate on a Sunday afternoon! The weather was perfect (except for that 30 minute “halftime” storm we had to wait out) and the course was absolutely fantastic!

Maryland National Golf Hole 11

We had 4 groups go out including a bunch of lawyers but even with that, nobody got hurt and there were no lawsuits involved! Except, of course, the suits being worn by the lawyers…get it? “Law-suit?” 🙂Fogle & Field

The winners (pictured here with their trophies) were Paul Fogle and Jamie Field as they salt & peppered their way around the course en route to a 74? Other scores ranged from 77 to 91.

As you know there are NO losers at these tournaments, including me, who left my cell phone in the tavern during the “halftime” break by mistake and had it back in hand the next day thanks to the friendly and dedicated staff at Maryland National. In particular Kristen went over and above a normal effort to track me down and get it back to me. This is only another great feature of Maryland National as the course condition will speak for it self as being simply spectacular!

To wrap this up… I recommend you play Maryland National – it’s in fantastic shape and offers a great challenging layout.

Maryland National Golf Club –

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