MOTOACTV Golf Edition (Wearable GPS)

Tired of running back to the cart or your bag because you forgot the GPS? Now you don’t have to when you wear the MOTOACV Golf Edition on your wrist.

Golf GPS – Track your game on over 20,000 courses.
– GPS provides distance to greens and hazards.
– Keeps track of your scorecards, clubs and key stats.

You can also sync your rounds wirelessly to the MOTOACTV website where you can analyze your game.

“MOTOACTV is a cutting-edge, golf GPS tracker. It’s awesome. I use it when I practice, including my practice round this past Monday at Augusta.” – Bubba Watson

Another neat feature is that you can program in how far you hit your clubs and the MOTOACTV Golf edition will recommend a club for every shot. It’s like having a caddy except you still have to carry your clubs.

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