Pelz Scoring Game Clinics at Lansdowne Aug 24-27, 2011

Dave Pelz 1-Day Golf Clinics…

Pelz Putting ClinicThe Pelz staff will host a series of one-day putting and wedge clinics at Lansdowne Golf Resort in Leesburg, Virginia during August 24 – 27, 2011.

With one day of expert Pelz golf instruction, you will learn a lifetime of Scoring Skills.  More than mere golf lessons, Dave Pelz Scoring Game Clinics teach you to improve your pitching, chipping, putting and sand play skills in a fun, six-hour format.

3-hour wedge session:
Learn essential scoring techniques to make confident, repeatable swings for pitches, greenside chips and bunker shots- the most common shots played around the greens

3-hour putting session:
Sink more putts by improving your putter path, face angle, set-up and sweet-spot impact and also replacing the “hit” in your putting with a smooth pendulum stroke.

“If you want to lower your handicap, improving your short game and putting should be your biggest priority,” Pelz says. “It’s that simple.”

The student-to-teacher ratio at each Pelz clinic is 6 to 1, with a maximum class size of 12. The fee is $395 per student.

Full-day clinics run from 9AM to 4PM. Lunch is provided.

To enroll, call (800) 735-9868 or visit

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