Reston National Golf Course – 07/09/2009

Reston National Golf Course Reston, VA – 7/9/2009
Arriving mid morning on a Thursday at Reston National, you might be expecting a lull in the golf action. To do so would be a miscalculation at this busy facility. A group of men were finishing an early tournament, the ladies league was just going out, the 50 kids in the junior camp were rotating to their stations, and the public golfers were filling in the limited gaps. This well run course always seems to be thriving with a variety of activities, not to mention the numerous outings like the full field DC United Soccer tournament on a Thursday no less. Course conditions were in their usual good mode, save for just a tinge of dryness setting in due to a week of no rain. This typically long-playing course was friendlier due to the extra roll on the fairways. I really enjoy playing this place, as apparently do a lot of other golfers. The practice facility bustles with golfers at all hours. Be sure to call ahead to check on play status, but be sure to get to Reston National this season. Ayce

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