Strasburg and 1757 Live Up to Their Hype

StrasburgTwo nights ago we saw the much anticipated debut of Nationals pitching phenom Stephen Strasburg.  Rarely (especially in DC) do these occasions live up to the hype (or hope).  Well we weren’t disappointed…  7 innings, only 2 runs, no walks, and 14 strikeouts (punching out the last 7 hitters he faced).

Two weeks ago we went to visit the 1757 Golf Club in Dulles, VA.  All 18 holes are now open 1757 Golf Cluband their facility is becoming one of the best in the region.  We love 1757 for their whole package… the course, the driving range, the learning center, the custom fitting and repair shop run the Golf Trailer folks, the clubhouse/bar/restaurant and the location.  It’s a great place to play golf, hit balls, have a meeting or tournament or just hang out having a drink on the patio and enjoying the atmosphere.

Why do we mention the Nats and 1757 together?  It’s the Lerner connection.  The Lerner family owns both the Nationals and the land that 1757 sits on.  It’s also because both have snake bit histories but now seem to be on the right track.

The Nationals have struggled since relocating to DC but are playing better and have a strong core of young players.

The 1757 Golf Club, which was previously supposed to be Bear National (but never opened) and then became Presidential (it opened but ended in bankruptcy), is now in the capable hands of Casper Management and also seems to be on the right track.

Since this is a golf newsletter we must talk more about the course.  I’ve heard the 1757 golf course described by different people as; tough, challenging, short, playable, ball-eating, unique, quirky, enjoyable, too hard, too easy, a water course, fun, and a risk/reward course.  It is all of these – depending on your skills, your attitude, and how you’re playing.

Overall we enjoyed the course and recommend you check it out for yourself.  A little course knowledge will go a long way in determining how you attack 1757.  I look forward to playing it again soon.

The starting holes of each nine can set the tone for each side.

#1 throws plenty of trouble at you right out of the gate.  The tee shot needs to carry an environmental area and stay straight thru a chute.  Then watch out for the creek by the green.  It’s a beautiful hole but get there early and hit the range so you’re ready.

I loved #10.  It’s a great hole to start the back side.  From the box you see a wide open landing area for your tee shot but once safely in the fairway you’re presented several risk/reward options for your 2nd shot.  Depending on how aggressive you want to be may determine how you feel when you go to #11.

Last year we were teased with a 7 game winning streak to end the Nationals season and 10 holes to play at 1757.  And, unlike many of the false hopes we’re used to here, both the Nats and 1757 are delivering this season.

How’s this sound for the perfect doubleheader… play a round at 1757 then head into town and catch a game at Nationals Park?

1757 Golf Club – Dulles, VA –

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