The Links at Gettysburg Can Be a Great Deal!

I managed to sneak out on an absolutely perfect early May day – 80 degrees with some slight breezes so it wasn’t too hot – a fantastic day for golf!  The Links of Gettysburg was the play today.

We were told the course was in excellent shape and it certainly was!  Although there were few wet spots from all the recent rain, we were allowed to take carts out on all but 3 holes – so it wasn’t that wet!  I always seem to remember the back nine and what I think are three of the most difficult holes back to back to back.  I’m talking about numbers 13, 14 and 15.  Depending on which tees you play, these can be REALLY tough.  We played whites today and at nearly 6300, these holes proved to be quite a challenge.

#13 is a long par 4 measuring 416 from the whites.  A long accurate drive is necessary as the narrow fairway has water all along the left side and a steep slope and woods on the right.  Assuming you hit a good drive, you’ll be left with a mid to long iron (usually into the wind) to a green guarded by the same water/woods combination.  My drive was good on this day but the second shot was just slightly long and into some high grass…alas, double bogey!

On to #14, a fairly long (531 from whites) usually into the wind par 5, again requiring a long accurate drive to a not-so-wide fairway with water and woods again running along the length of the hole.  The second shot is a fairly “normal” golf shot if you can hit it where you want but there is that water on the left which needs to be avoided.  Hit it too far right and you’ll have to navigate several traps on your approach shot to the green.  A good drive, decent second shot and average approach left me on the green and I managed a 2 putt to make a par!

Finally, the usually tough into-the-wind par 3 #15.  On this day, the white tees were up and the pin was up making this hole considerably easier at 150 yards.  Usually the pin is back and it plays 175-ish and has that same water along the left side which seems to extend a little too close to the green to give you another thing to consider when teeing off!  A decent iron and 2 putts left me with a par on this – usually my nemesis – hole!

After the round, we stopped at the beautiful clubhouse and sat outside to enjoy the weather.  We had some excellent sandwiches (burgers are good) and beverages (they were cold!) while enjoying the view.  I gotta tell you, all 18 holes at the Links at Gettysburg are challenging and it’s a great course to play – even at regular price – but if you get the Waggle Golf Pass you can get a great deal and play it for even less money unlimited times in 2011!  Check it out for yourself at

Lefty fired an 86 at The Links at Gettysburg on May 3, 2011.

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