Westfields is a Blast to Play!

Westfields Golf ClubBogeyman and I treated a couple of lucky pigeons to a game at the beautiful Westfields Golf Club in Clifton VA on a pretty-darn-nice-but-starting-to-get-humid 1st day of summer.

Lefty had traffic issues on the Capital Beltway outer loop and my driving tip of the day (as in driving a car)  is don’t take the beltway if you are heading out there for a 9am tee time from the Baltimore area!  Go west to Frederick and down US 15 – you will be much happier – trust me!

Anyway… Bogeyman, Kenny, and Jonathan were kind enough and the good friendly folks at Westfields were nice enough to move our tee back an hour and I managed to get there for a 10 am start.

It seems like every time I play Westfields it’s got a “forest like” feel to it – probably because of all the trees? In any event, this track was once again in pristine shape and everybody on the staff could not be more friendly and helpful from the starter to the cart girl 🙂 to the rangers – Westfield people really treat you right!

The course is very challenging but fair. The greens on this day were a bit slow – they just fertilized them recently – but they putted true and held shots well. This no doubt added to our low scores this day – or maybe we’re just THAT good!? NOT!

I remember the short par 4 (264 yd) #14 where I actually drove the green and had an 8′ straight slightly uphill put for my first ever eagle 2 – but alas, my chance to be a hero was wide left (kind of like that kicker from the Bills in Super Bowl 25?  ..actually he was wide right but you get the point, I missed the #&*%* putt!). In any event, we had a great round and got around in just over 4 hours followed by a great cold beverage afterward in the beautiful clubhouse.

Westfields Golf Club New Deck

Check out our friends posing with yours truly (in my Waggle “cool shirt”) after the round on Westfields new deck. Better make sure you make your final putt on 18 or they will dog you from the deck! (Ie. no gimmies!).  Westfields also offers a great deal in the Waggle Golf pass.  Check it out for yourself and get your Waggle Pass today at www.wagglegolfpass.com.

Lefty fired a STRONG 78 at Westfields on this day!

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