Charitee Hole Changes at Lee’s Hill

The Charitee Hole at Lee’s Hill has moved to Hole #5 and now only $3 a ticket.

Are you familiar with the Charitee Hole?  Lee’s Hill Golf Club in Fredericksburg has a hole where to pay a small fee for a chance to win big if you get a hole-in-one.  You can also win if you hit it within a flagstick of the hole.

Charitee Hole TotalAs you check in for golf at Lee’s Hill, a large electronic sign shows the amount you win for an ace on hole number five and the amount you win for a shot within the flagstick.  You buy a ticket at check in and put in in the machine at the hole so it can watch your shot.  Stick it close or in and you win!

The company that owns the Chartiee equipment has decided to increase the chances for someone to win.  First they are moving the Charitee Hole to #5 from #7.  And, along with the move comes the new price…..only $3 a ticket for all players.  This ticket used to be $5 per player.

So head to Lee’s Hill for your shot at glory!

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