Women’s Golf Month at GolfDC

June is Women’s Golf Month and GolfDC has plenty planned for the ladies.

Ladies Golf Go For the Green!
Ladies, to tee-off on Women’s Golf Month this year, we plan on having you DRIVE THE GREEN by checking out our 2-1 green fee specials on Wednesdays throughout the month into September! To get you closer to the pin, get 50% OFF for the month of June on our various cart fees and club rentals.

Women’s Workshops
Designed by the EWGA, our Women Wednesdays Workshops are packed with powerful 1-hour lessons given by trained golf professionals who want to help students sharpen their golf game.

Women’s Golf Month Reception
Come hear one of Newsweeks 100 Most Influential People in Sports, Donna Orender. Donna asks the question, “What if Women Ruled Golf?”, while leading a PGA, grow-the-game initiative, focused on increasing the presence of women in golf.

Nine & Wine
Come and enjoy our golf networking outing, Nine & Wine, that will be taking off on select Fridays starting in the month of June!

For more information on all these women’s golf events visit golfdc.com.

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