Eisenhower Golf Course hosts Double Bogey Blues Invitational – 07/17/2009

Eisenhower Golf Course Crownsville, MD – 7/17/2009
Bogeyman and I were cordially invited to participate in the Double Bogey Blues Gentleman’s Invitational held at Eisenhower Golf Course in nearby Crownsville MD – for those of you into jousting; it’s not too far from where the Maryland Renaissance Festival is held on MD 178. On this particular day, Bogeyman and I were paired with what we thought was to be a formidable combination Father-Son team of “John and John”. The format was 2 Man best ball and by the 4th hole, Father John was dissing Son John and telling him there would be an interview process for the next tournament before he selected him as a partner…alas, another team falls victim of trying to compete against the Waggle team! The course itself can be best described as a “muni” but the layout is definitely fun to play. The conditions were acceptable and some areas of the course definitely displayed the need of some rain (which we actually had on a couple of holes) but we managed to get around without getting anyone hurt! There are some holes which are fairly tight and require a good drive and smart approach but overall, it’s pretty player friendly. On this day at the Invitational, it sure was “player friendly”! As you could expect, there was some chicanery with the scoring and for some unknown reason, Waggle finished just out of the money…but at least we beat the John-John team! A great time was had by all and with the Waggle Pass, you can play for a players fee, even on weekends – check it out at the Waggle Pro Shop and give Eisenhower a play when you get a minute. Tell Gretchen the cart girl that Waggle sent you! Lefty/Bogeyman

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