The Pointe Golf Club – 07/08/2009

The Pointe Golf Club Powells Point, NC – 7/8/2009
While on vacation at the Outer Banks I took an afternoon to perform some research for you Waggle-ites! Sometimes even on vacation we have to work… I’m sure you can understand! A couple of fellow vacationers went with me and this course was specifically selected to allow for their non-golfing abilities. I’m happy to say that the Point Golf Course IS a course for all levels of play. Basically, it’s wide open with only a few holes that can cause you trouble. The conditions, however, are resort type and because of the tricky and fast greens, even better caliber players will be challenged. One of the holes where you CAN get into a bit of trouble is #16. From the tee this is an innocent looking, fairly short par 4 with a fairway as wide as the eye can see. Hit a good drive to put yourself into position for a short iron over the water which extends nearly 3/4 of the way across the fairway (and can’t be seen from the tee) and onto a green which you don’t want to miss long (or you’re dropping another ball)! This challenge is more of the exception rather than the rule on this course as most “misses” will be gently gathered up by the thick plush grass growing around the greens which has the double benefit of saving errant shots and making the next pitch shot easy to hit as it’s almost as if it’s sitting on a tee. I did notice the new renovations to the bar/resturant and clubhouse which only make this fine player-friendly course finer! If in the OBX, give it a play and tell Doug that sent you! Lefty (81)

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