Are You Playing the Right Tees?

Tee It ForwardAre you frustrated with golf? Is the game to slow or are your scores to high? Maybe you need to TEE IT FORWARD!

TEE IT FORWARD is an initiative by the USGA and PGA of America to encourage golfers to play the course at a length that is aligned with their average driving distance. Their theory is that golfers will speed up play by utilizing tees that provide the greatest playability and enjoyment.

Tee It Forward Yardages

This chart is a guide to help you choose the appropriate tees based on your driving distance.

Moving up a tee box or two can drastically change the way you play a golf course. Forced carries from the tee box just got easier and instead of long irons or hybrids into greens you might be hitting 6 and 7 irons.

So are you playing the right tees? If not give it a try and see if you have more fun and play faster!

And even if you don’t notice any improvements or your ego won’t let you play less than the tips it is a good idea to move up occasionally. It gives you a chance to hit some shots you may not usually get. I recently played the senior tees with some “older” friends and it was fun to be hitting wedges into greens as opposed to long irons!

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