Support the VSGA Foundation’s Robins Junior Programs

THE VSGA FOUNDATION has been selected as a Richmond Unite grant finalist. Sir Richard Branson of the Hull Richmond UniteFoundation has challenged all finalists to receive a minimum of 500 votes to qualify for any funding.

Proceeds will be available based upon final voting results. Voting ends Thursday, Sept. 8, so please do not hesitate and click here to vote now. You may vote once a day, everyday until Sept. 8.

Kids Golfing with VSGAWith your support the VSGA Foundation can continue to focus on “Shaping a Child’s Life Through Golf” by  providing a setting where children can learn the fundamentals of golf and garner the important lessons of life through the Robins Junior Golf Program.

In nine years of programming they have served more than 16,000 boarding, commuting and scholarship youth.

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