A Great Day at Twin Lakes!

Having not played Twin Lakes for at least  10 years, when Bogeyman told me we had a golf gig there on a weekday – with beautiful weather on hand – I gladly took him up on it. After all, it’s golf right?

Pulling into the service road and just looking at the course from afar, it appeared to be in great shape. I noticed a tee box that looked like a fairway and immediately thought, I don’t remember it being THIS nice!

Twin Lakes Golf Course

We fumbled around a bit and managed to get to the starter and 1st tee where we were given the “normal” instructions for the Oaks Course… i.e.  keep the ball down the right side as everything fades left; it’s a difficult course; 90 degree cart rule; no driving on the greens today, etc. 🙂  We, of course, inquired about the course record and even after that the starter and staffers continued to be extremely helpful and informative – more so than other courses.

Twin Lakes Gary
Gary With An Audience

In any event, we got off on time with our friend Gary and a guy that obviously just hit the lottery (because he got to play w/ Waggle!) Bob Z. Right away, I noticed a couple of things, (1) the conditions were much nicer than what I remembered from last time and (2) the Oaks Course was not as wide open as I remember. (I obviously must have played the Lakes course last time.)

We played the white tees measuring a little over 6300 for a par 71 course which was just about the right length for us semi-hackers. Greens held shots well and for a County golf course, it was well maintained and all conditions were pretty darn good.  Some of the fairways had recently been aerated but unless you looked closely, it was not noticeable, and it certainly did not affect play!

The only negative, and this is probably a tribute this fine facility, is the length of play and how busy the golf course was. On a Wednesday late morning they were completely full and the pace of play – at least on the front nine – was slightly longer than we would desire at about 2 3/4 hours, however several “friendly-type” marshals rode by frequently to keep everybody happy.  I will say we got around the back nine in normal time with no waiting so perhaps only the front was busy?

The previously mentioned Bob Z, who we learned is a regular player at Twin Lakes and certainly enjoyed the company of Waggle (at least that’s our opinion!), was given an opportunity to provide comments about his round of golf.  He then

Twin Lakes Bob Z.
Bob Z. Provided His Thoughts

offered several comments about this course…”It’s a fine municipal County course (I said that earlier), which offers a challenging layout. The Oaks course is significantly more difficult than the Lakes course but both courses are fun to play. The course was redone several years ago, I play here frequently, it’s pretty busy but for the money you can’t go wrong, etc. etc…” At this point, we had to stop him from talking (or maybe Bogeyman’s pencil broke) but needless to say Bob Z certainly enjoys Twin Lakes golf and the Waggle men did too!

You can get a nice discount at Twin Lakes by using the Waggle Golf Pass. Get yours today at www.wagglegolfpass.com.  After the round, make sure to visit the Lakes Grill for the “after round” discussion and beverage!  It was quite comfortable!

Twin Lakes Golf Course

Twin Lakes Golf Course – Clifton, VA – fairfaxcounty.gov/parks/golf/twinlakes

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