iPING Putter App

PING Putter CradleThere are many golf apps for the iPhone and there are too many golf gadgets to play with.  Now PING has merged the app and the gadget!

And this golf app/gadget looks cool. (Note to PING: send us a cradle and we’ll write a review)

Putting is one of the few golf strokes that you can work on anywhere.  And with PING’s new iPING putter app (free download), your iPhone 4 or Ipod Touch 4th Generation, and the iPING cradle (about $30) you now have the tools to help make your putting practice sessions more productive.

The cradle attaches to your putter shaft and takes readings while you practice your putting.  The iPING app measures stroke type, impact angle and tempo and after several putts creates a putting handicap for you.  The idea is to take the feedback, adjust your putting stroke, and lower your putting handicap which should in turn improve your putting consistency.

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