Waggle Waverly Best Ball Results from May 22, 2011

On a great day for golf…an overcast and variable windy 75 degree day, the first Waggle Mini Tourney of 2011 was held at Waverly Woods Golf Course. We had a small field but the competition was fierce! Well, not really – for those of you who know about these tournaments, it’s more of a great day to get out and play a nice course with some friendly competition where everyone wins a prize!

On this day, Neal and Jason Kim who were the 1st group off the tee managed (and I use the word “managed” sarcastically) to shoot a team best ball score of 74 to take low honors! It’s pretty obvious to me that by teeing off 1st, they had the advantage on the remainder of the field! 🙂 But they managed to “ham and egg” it pretty darn well! The remaining scores ranged from 81 to 87 and everybody is looking forward to the next Waggle.com mini tourney! Check it out for yourself as these are fun events and you play the course for a discounted rate and get prizes and stuff on top of that!

I would be remiss to not include a brief review of Waverly Woods which was in pretty darn good shape. I think that like most other courses, the almost daily rain has prevented courses from doing total grass cutting and the long (3-4″) rough made it extremely important to hit the fairway (kind of like the US Open?). The fairways were in pretty decent shape but the greens were a little bumpy and hadn’t quite yet healed from the spring aeration but give it another week and these greens should be fine! (at least that’s my excuse of why I had so many 3 putts! …hey, gotta blame it on something…it definitely wasn’t me! 🙂 All in all, this course was a blast to play and I will definitely be back soon!

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